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Q: Do I Need A Family Lawyer?
A: Going through the divorce process may be one of the most difficult times in one’s life. Often, emotions are running high and difficult decisions must be made. Most often questions arise with regard to the division of assets, child custody, child support, and visitation. The outcome of these decisions has not only an immediate impact on one’s life but also can determine the quality of living for many years to come. When dealing with such intimate issues, it is vital to have a full understanding of all available legal options.

An experienced divorce attorney can help a husband or wife currently considering or going through a divorce understand his or her rights and obligations. Navigating through the court system can be a daunting task. Each jurisdiction has its own particular requirements that may not be apparent to unrepresented people. In Georgia, marital property is subject to “equitable division.” A knowledgeable experienced attorney can give you the piece of mind that your legal case is being handled property. Our firm can insure that your rights to property, retirement plans and other assets are being protected.

Georgia requires that a couple has one of the legally accepted reasons for divorce. These reasons are called the “grounds”. Of the grounds for divorce accepted,t here are several which are considered “at-fault” grounds. This includes items such as abandonment, adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, as well as several others. Georgia also allows for a no-fault divorce when a marriage has irreconcilable differences. In addition to this option, there is the option of conversion of a separation agreement. To plead this, the parties must show that they have executed and abided by a valid separation agreement. As the grounds for divorce will vary from case to case, it is prudent to discuss all options with a qualified attorney.

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