Crawford and Boyle, LLC.

Client Testimonials

David E. Boyle

“I’ve made some bad decisions. None worse than the extra Old Fashioned I had at dinner one night coupled with the decision to drive home. I was facing some serious issues with my employment as a result of this bad decision. I can say, however, that choosing to go with Crawford and Boyle for my representation was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mr. Boyle was able to talk the prosecutor into giving me a different charge which greatly reduced my sentence. Thank you to them and their very friendly, and talented staff.”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mr. Boyle when my son got into some serious trouble. He was looking to serve up to 50 years in prison. Mr. Boyle got his sentence reduced to 9 months in rehab. Mr. Boyle was dedicated to my son’s case. He always kept us informed of the legal process and what to expect. He also was able to keep the police from seizing our vehicle. I would highly recommend Mr. Boyle to anyone looking to hire a lawyer. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer.”


“David Boyle is truly fantastic. He heard my side when I came in the office and took the case. David worked extremely hard to ensure my level of comfort with the potential outcomes, and that I was well represented I’m court. I have also referred him to one of my friends, who also selected David, and was very pleased that he did.”


“Attorney Boyle is very aware of the law. He sets realistic expectations yet, pursues the best possible outcome. His paralegal team is also exceptionally empathetic and does a great job of ensuring appropriate flow of communication.”

A Satisfied Client

“I contacted David after a friend telling me he would answer some questions and let me know if there was help for a case pending against my father. He spent an hour on the phone answering questions that no one else would let me ask without a fee. He explained the law and even provided names and phone numbers of attorneys that he felt confident could help us closer the town that my father lives in. He gave me the knowledge that was needed to help me decide on the next steps to help him.”


“I was charged with DUI and I was an extremely smart ass to a state trooper ( bad idea). Mr Boyle fought very hard and got my charges reduced where I could keep my cdl. I refused all test which is usually automatically suspension but he truly worked a miracle!!!!! Thanks”


“He kept me form going back to jail on a failure to register, worked a plea bargain with the state, was on top of things all the time, answered all questions, a good person in general.”

Steven H.

“David Boyle was very thorough and knowledgeable about the law and the charges my son was facing. He got the case dismissed and even though there was a pending probation violation he was able to secure the least amount of time possible, less than a month. He stayed in touch throughout the process.”


“Mr. Boyle represented me well and got a better outcome than I expected. He was easy to reach and able to answer all my questions throughout the process. He recommended various things that made the process easier and was certainly worth having on my team, I would highly recommend him!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boyle was helpful throughout the legal and court processes and was able to negotiate a fair outcome for a plea deal. Would recommend to anyone as he is a friendly man and a just lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had 3 charges and could have been up the creek without a paddle! Without Mr. Boyle, my life would have been completely ruined!! We went to court today and the worst charge was dropped thanks to Mr. Boyle! The judge tried some “funny stuff” and Mr. Boyle went above and beyond any expectations. He went to the extent of getting what I needed to get my provisional license today rather than waiting. He picked it up and met me to bring it to me. He went above and beyond and I fully highly recommend him!! I was terrified going through this process and his staff Sharon and Lynn were both amazing! While it was a terrifying experience Mr. Boyle and his staff kept me sane. Very knowledgeable attorney and he got me the best possible outcome for my situation especially in the City of Lawrenceville. If you are looking for good representation from a knowledgeable and respectable attorney higher Mr. David Boyle.”


“Mr. David Boyle is great attorney. He helped me get off probation. I had done 6 years and completely changed my life around. He believed in me and got the job done. Hes intelligent, on your side, and gets you the results you need!”

A Satisfied Client

“David provided great representation in my case. He was plain spoken and made sure I understood all of the options for my case. He provided valuable insight and what to expect. As a former prosecutor, he knows the system and took time to walk me though this process. He saved me over $300 in fines and fees.”


“I hired him as my lawyer he was very honest and understanding with me. He explained to me everything I needed to know about my case & I put my trust in him. But then I received a phone call from his assistant and told me that my case was being dismissed I didn’t need to do anything. I was so happy when I got that call. Best results ever!”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mr.Boyle in May of 2016 for my son’s criminal case. He did an outstanding job! He put in lots of effort in his case. I was very pleased with his results. He explained things well and clear. He always kept me we’ll well informed. Mr.Boyle was very professional, he never rushed our appointments. Would definitely him recommend to anyone!”


“Received a speeding ticket and not until very much later noticed the reporting officer incorrectly stated the location but also the speed limit, making my offense bigger than it should have been, i.e. a bigger fine. David not only got the ticket properly recorded but got also got it removed completely from my record.David Boyle rocks!”


“My son was arrested in April of this year for Violation of Parole and drug charges. Mr. Boyle handled his case and within less than a month he was sentenced. A girl that was arrested with him on the same charges is still in jail. No court date has been set. I appreciate his quick service but hope I never have to use him again.”


“Mr. Boyle got my brother through a very long, ugly, complicated divorce. My family is sincerely grateful that he was in our corner during that horrible time. Need someone who will really fight for you and your rights? Call David Boyle.”


“Mr. Boyle was hired for my wife. He was awesome! She was cleared by a diversion program. Lynne Mays is his legal assistant and she kept me informed throughout the entire legal process as Mr. Boyle was busy doing his job. She went above and beyond. This firm needs to keep her! I was always informed about what I needed to do so they could do what they needed to do for my wife. We are gay. We are married. We have been together for 20 years. I recommend this firm to other gay people. They gave us the respect we deserve just like anyone else. Call Boyle! My wife can use her college education to get a job thanks to these people. We are happy!”


“I hired Mr. Boyle to represent a family member for simple battery, criminal trespass, and several other charges. He was up front about what he might be able to do and charged a reasonable flat fee. He was able to help get several charges dropped and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Would definitely recommend Mr. Boyle to anyone needing a knowledgeable, honest attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boyle reviewed my past criminal case information and advised me on my rights to own a firearm in regards to state and federal laws with a very succinct and clear response.”

A Satisfied Client

“David Boyle is the best. He’s professional, quick to respond, honest, and is damn good at what he does. He was able to get my case dismissed when he won a motion to suppress arguing against the prosecutors. I would hand down recommend David Boyle to anyone seeking legal representation in Gwinnett & Monroe and surrounding areas.”


“Attorney David Boyle handled our son’s case with professionalism. He was always one step ahead of the DA. It was a very safe and comforting feeling knowing Mr. Boyle had everything in order. He was honest with us from the jump, not giving us to false hopes or expectations. When all was said and done, he delivered a better outcome than was thought to be obtained.”

A Satisfied Client

“IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE GREATEST ATTORNEY THAT KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS THE LAW, STOP LOOKING. Mr. Boyle is the best attorney in the world. I will always recommend Mr. Boyle and his law firm (Crawford and Boyle) to anybody that needs or has any legal concerns. In January of this year (2015), my life was turned upside down. I was stalked (my opinion) by the sheriff dept in my home town. I was pulled over (5) times in (6) weeks and was given (4) written warnings and (1) verable warning for not using a blinker to failure to maintain lanes. Three (3) times I have searched as well as my vehicle, as for the law they never found anything and they really no reason to be pulled over in the first place. I guess the law couldn’t find anything illegal on me so they sent someone to my house to plant drugs on me. I will admit that I have been in trouble in past years, but it has been 10+ years and I changed my life around. To make this short; I was arrested and was facing some serious jail time. I was afraid, didn’t know who to trust and what to do. I was in shock.I couldn’t believe the law was this way and would ever do anyone this way. There isn’t enough crime out there without having to create work for themselves? Anyway, when I got out of jail, I had received literature from several attornies. The one that stuck out the most was from “Crawford and Boyle” law firm. It was very informative and very helpful. Mr. Boyle took some time and a lot of knowledge into putting this pamphlet together. The other lawyers that sent me information about their firm and how they wanted to represent me just sent a letter and by the second sentence was quick to let me know how they wanted to be paid. Mr. Boyle’s pamphlet didn’t make me feel like all he wanted was money regardless of my outcome. It made me think his practice is more concerned with my legal rights and justice. No more worries. Mr. Boyle took my case. The district attorney, the judge and Mr. Boyle came to an agreement. Everything was thrown out. No charges against me. I know Mr. Boyle had his work cut out for him. He didn’t stop looking and searching until he got all the evidence he needed to prove justice, either for me or the law. He just presented the real truth. This time the law was wrong. So now I get to spend my life with my family and my grandson instead of going to jail for something I wasn’t guilty of doing. Mr. Boyle, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. I’ve never ever had an attorney to believe in me, fight for the truth and work as hard for me as you did. From all of my heart, I thank you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU and your firm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You did more that I could have ever hoped for. I wish the world was full of more people like you. You truly are “THE BEST”. Thank you once again.”


“I hired David Boyle after I violated probation by getting a MIP. While talking on the phone with Mr. Boyle before even meeting him, he told me my probation sentence I was on at the time was an illegal sentence. He immediately contacted the prosecutor and the sentence was terminated. Afterward, he bans to tackle the MIP, which he quickly and effectively took care of. Mr. Boyle is very professional and easy to get into contact with. He answered any questions I had and was committed to getting me out of the mess I was in. Definitely would hire again.”


“Mr. Boyle was very professional and knowledgeable of situations such as mine. Whenever I had to contact him for whatever reason, he promptly responded. My career depends upon my retaining a commercial driver’s license, and I was in jeopardy of losing it or possibly of losing a career of 16 years. The outcome could not have been any better for me! Both my career and commercial driver’s license are no longer in jeopardy! I would highly recommend Mr. Boyle’s services.”


“A very long story short- I was given a ticket for criminal trespass after fishing on the business owners property. Whom, at the time, his gates were open, and I didn’t see any “no trespassing signs” until I went to leave and he had locked his gate on me. Skip to three weeks later, the amount was $750. My jaw hit the floor. I just felt that was a very steep fine for a very innocent act. I consulted w/ David, he was able to get my fine reduced drastically! he delivered on what he promised me he would deliver, and I didn’t even have to go in front of the judge. I was very pleased w/ the outcome and would recommend him to anyone that I know.”

A Satisfied Client

“I used David upon recommendation from a friend. He was easy to communicate with and told me what to expect in my case. I had to be patient with my circumstance but upon Mr. Boyle’s recommendation everything worked out like he had planned. I would highly recommend Mr. Boyle for any of you needs. I am definitely going to use him again in a couple of months. He is the best!!! Thank you, David, for all that you did to help me!!”


“Mr. Boyle took time to discuss all my options in my case. He also allowed me to bring my wife back in and went over everything with her again per my request. He was responsive when I emailed him with questions, responded usually within a couple of hours. I felt he knew the law and he made me feel comfortable and didn’t judge me on my circumstances. I also think he is a straight shooter, laid out what could and couldn’t happen with my case. The route we planned for was accepted and I am very happy with the outcome. If I was looking for a lawyer I would appreciate it if someone recommended Mr. Boyle to me. Any needs I may have in the future I will consult with Mr. David Boyle.”


“Mr. Boyle is an amazing lawyer. He promptly replied to my (many) emails and phone calls. He thoroughly explained the situation to me and listened patiently to my unending what-ifs and reassured me the whole way through. He has gone above and beyond what I expected. I believe that Mr. Boyle has extremely reasonable rates and honestly cares about his clients. He came through for me in my case and I will never be able to thank him enough.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boyle helped me with my case and never made promises he couldn’t keep. He explained everything I needed to know and let me ask all the questions. He took a fair payment plan and his rate was very reasonable. I don’t only feel I have found an attorney I can trust but one I can call for any legal advice. If he doesn’t know he doesn’t pretend that he knows. I never felt uncomfortable or that I wasn’t his highest priority. Very personable and my go to guy!! When presenting my case to the judge I felt that the judge really wanted to lessen what the court solicitor had agreed to but decided not to. This wasn’t a big deal to me because Mr. Boyle got my case reduced, my fines reduced, and my time spent reduced, and my probation to go inactive after the first visit because of how he prepared me.”


“Mr. Boyle did a great job representing me for my DUI case. Even though the outcome was not what I fully expected it was no fault of Mr. Boyle. I blame the inexperienced and crooked policing of Monroe Georgia. Mr. Boyle was trustworthy and always answered any question I had. He also was able to work with me regarding my payment of his service. That is something I very grateful for. He is definitely a man of the people.”

A Satisfied Client

“MR. Boyle has been an outstanding representative; handled my case exactly to the letter. Prompt, professional and easy to talk to. David explained exactly what was to be expected with my case and carried out his explanations/plans as spoken. I am certain Mr. Boyle is a trustworthy attorney. Any future needs I may have concerning law; David is my go to guy.”


“Mr. Boyle has changed my opinion of lawyers, I have Not had many experiences with lawyers.I do have friends shared experiences and most are stories of weeks of no contact, no email or phone calls back, and attorneys using any excuse to charge more. However, Mr. Boyle answered every email, kept to his word, and when complications arose after the case was settled he helped me spend months on straightening the issue out, without added cost. Thank you for your excellent service.”


“I have known David for many years, as an Assistant District Attorney in DeKalb and Walton Counties. David has prosecuted most criminal offenses, he knows and understands the legal system better than most criminal defense attorneys. David has represented family members of mine, in the past, with great success.”


“My boyfriend was looking at 3 years in prison. Mr. Boyle got that reduced to 6 months probation detention center. Need I say more? Not only is his fee reasonable, compared to the other lawyers in the area. I had contacted him and left a message at his office in the last minute type of situation on Thanksgiving weekend. I thought he would call Monday…but I literally heard from him within 3 hours and we discussed the details of the case. He had everything go so smoothly. My boyfriend was sentenced in two different courts within two weeks of hiring. Mr. David Boyle will definitely be my go-to lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone who ever needs representation.”


“Professional, helpful… Can’t say enough great things about David Boyle. Hubby was in a tight spot and with David’s more than capable help, we didn’t have to travel back to GA and lose income. He handled the entire situation and kept us informed. He didn’t sugar coat anything and we knew what to expect. David and the office staff were wonderful, answered all our questions completely even though they probably get asked same questions all the time. We would highly recommend David to anyone in the area who needs help. Thanks, David!”

A Satisfied Client

“My parents hired David for a misdemeanor charge I got on a weekend. His firm was the only one that would answer on a Sunday morning. He started his work right away and was fantastic! He was easy to reach every time I needed to talk to him. He kept me and my family informed every time something new happened. I am very pleased with everything he did for me and the outcome of my case.”


“I hired David in a Criminal case, he was an excellent lawyer in all aspects of the case, He was always available to answer my questions, He provided me with all the pros and cons of my case, he is very professional, He is everything you would expect from your attorney and more, his staff are very helpful. My case was handled with a very good outcome He would always be my choice for an attorney I highly recommend.”


“I hired David Boyle to represent me in a DUI case. I have NEVER been in trouble and wasn’t sure where to turn but he helped me understand thoroughly. Spent anytime I needed to speak with me in person or over the phone. I got the results I wanted in my case and it’s all thanks to Mr. Boyle! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer!”


“David was awesome!!!! He knows how to deal with the system. Most definitely my lawyer for life. I was looking at a DUI, loosing my license and job. He saved me!! I got reckless driving in Walton County. Thank you David.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a theft misdemeanor case and David did everything possible get me through the process and got my case dismissed. David was an excellent lawyer and handled everything great and smoothly.”

A Satisfied Client

“David helped our son deal with an extremely difficult case in 2 different countries and advised us on another one. He kept us informed as to what was going on and what we needed to do next. Without his help, our son would have fallen victim to the prison system. Instead, he was given much-needed rehabilitation and has been given a 2nd chance at life. David is a real person and extremely easy to communicate with. Always available to answer questions. I sincerely appreciate his patience with our family.”


“Mr. Boyle’s representation was simply outstanding, to say the least. He provided any and all help he could during the consultation no charge. When it was time for my case he handled everything on my behalf and in my best interest. He kept me up to date on all proceedings regarding my trial and despite not making any promises on outcomes I felt completely confident in his abilities and that my future was in safe hands.”


“Mr. Boyle was always responded within hours of a phone call or e-mail. He has always been honest and tells you the good, bad and ugly of it all. I would recommend Mr. Boyle over and over again!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boyle went above and beyond my expectations. The most knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer I’ve met yet. Mr Boyle had a genuine concern for my case and my well being. Mr. Boyle got me a way better deal than I ever expected. Compared to other lawyers he was also very affordable. I will most definitely acquire his services again in legal matters. Even though I paid for his services I felt like Mr. Boyle did me a huge favor.”


“From my first meeting with David, he was encouraging, empathetic, and concerned about my legal problems. He never sugar-coated anything, but always gave me hope for a positive resolution. He remained proactive, even though my cases (criminal and civil) took over a year to resolve. I trusted him with my future, and he took his commitment to my case very seriously. I will always be thankful to him for being there representing me- behind me, beside me, and out in front of me. I am happy that I no longer need his professional services, but I will definitely go back to him if I ever need legal assistance.”


“David Boyle was able to negotiate a dismissal of a felony case. He worked closely with the DA’s office and patiently waited for the victim to dismiss the charges as her own grandson was involved in the felony. We expected that restitution, community service, fines, and probation would be the best scenario we could hope for, but a dismissal of changes was the end result. We couldn’t be happier.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was charged with a DUI in Georgia July 2013. One Saturday morning I met Mr. Boyle at his office in Lawrenceville to talk over my charges. I knew I was in good hands when he began to explain my options. He went through every detail about the case weighing its strengths, weaknesses and was upfront with me. Mr. Boyle is very professional and knowledgeable about the law which put my fears to rest and guided me throughout the process. I would highly recommend him if you have been unfortunate like me and need representation.”


“I hired Mr. Boyle to help with my fiance and his case that was not looking good due to the fact that he had previous charges of the same. Mr. Boyle was able to tell us what he could do to help us and more than follow through. Mr. Boyle successfully was able to get the charges dropped prior to entering a court room. He called us every step of the way, and although I hope we never have to use him again, he will be the only lawyer that I would trust to deliver for myself, family, or anyone else.”


“David Boyle is a compassion very knowledgeable attorney. He kept us up to date and always listened to what our needs and goals were. I will always use David Boyle, his office staff is caring and polite take their time to get all the facts and relay them immediately.”


“I had 2 felony cases and Mr. Boyle represented me and had great results. keeps you informed and available when you need him. Very Professional Lawyer. Fully recommend.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boyle has represented me in 2 cases and I have been very satisfied with his services. I would highly recommend him. Overall I would rate him very high in his knowledge of the court and court system. He works hard and goes above and beyond for his clients.”


“David Boyle is the best lawyer that I ever had. He was honest, well prepared and his background was key to obtaining the best result possible in my situation. David saved my life and was there for me during the entire ordeal. If you have a serious legal problem, David Boyle is the lawyer for you!”


“I received a fairly significant speeding ticket shortly before leaving Georgia and would not be able to return to the state due to work, so I was concerned about getting my case handled appropriately. I called David Boyle’s office, and much to my surprise he was able to talk to me right away. He listened to my concerns and gave me his thoughts and some legal advice to let me decide whether or not I wanted representation. Once I decided to be represented by him, he was able to handle my whole case while I was out of state with just a few forms for me to fill out, he was easy to get a hold of, even with a significant time zone difference after I left the state, and he got me the outcome I wanted- the speed was lowered considerably and avoided going on my driving record. I’m glad I called!”


“Mr. David Boyle is the best lawyer I’ve ever had. Mr. Boyle stood by me since day one and believed me on my situation and never thought otherwise during my time with him representing me. I live in South Carolina so it was difficult to go back and forth for the court, but it ended well and my case was dismissed. I’m glad Mr. Boyle was my lawyer during this time. Another reason why I admire his work is that when I explained to him what happened to me he never said he didn’t believe me and that I should take a plea. I highly recommend Mr. Boyle to anyone in a situation of any manner.”


“Mr. David Boyle is the best lawyer I’ve ever had. Mr. Boyle stood by me since day one of my cases and believed me on my situation and never thought otherwise during my time with him representing me. I live in another state so it was hard for me to get back and forth to court, but it ended well and he got my case dismissed. I’m glad Mr. Boyle was my lawyer during this time. The main reason I admire Mr. Boyle and his work is that when I explained my situation to him he never said he didn’t believe me and that I should take a plea. I thank him and praise him every day even if I don’t tell him, it’s on my mind here on out. Now that this is done with I can go back to my life not stressing, finishing my college degree, taking care of my loving kids and get my job back. I highly recommend Mr. Boyle to anyone in a situation of any manner. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR. BOYLE.”

Ryan S.

“David represented me in a very professional manner. His great reputation with the Prosecutor allowed him to negotiate my case with excellent results for me!”

A Satisfied Client

“David is an excellent attorney, non-judgmental, provides excellent representation & is very knowledgeable in all areas of the law. To say that he is tenacious, reliable, honest, professional, caring, compassionate & will fight for you would be some of the best words to describe him. He is the best attorney that I’ve ever met & had the opportunity to work with. I would & do highly recommend David to handle any legal matters. There’s not enough praise for all of your hard work & everything you have done for me & my family. THANK YOU!”


“David communicates well, delivers information concisely, explains things accurately and is straight forward. I have dealt with both David and Eric Crawford and both are extremely competent and capable attorneys. Highly Recommend!”


“David was one of many attorneys that I called and met with about my DUI case. I have also had experience with another law firm in the past and I felt they underperformed so I wanted to meet with many others this time around. Once I worked with David I realized I was correct. He was very responsive, even after I hired him which is not the case with many lawyers. He explained things clearly with all possible outcomes and ways to handle it. He was very open to meet or discuss anything I wanted and kept me informed of the progress. My case was in Gwinnett County and it was clear that he is well known and respected around there. I will continue to recommend his services. Thanks!”


“Mr. Boyle’s personality, knowledge and explanations of possible outcomes to our case was very calming. This was our first experience with a lawyer, first time offender “possesion of less than an ounce of marijuana”. Mr. Boyle was outstanding through the entire process. I don’t expect to ever need another lawyer, but if I do, Mr Boyle wiil definitely be the first person I call. Thanks a Million!!!”


“Mr. Boyle responded to my needs with an extremely high sense of urgency to help me understand what options are available to me and my case. His care and compasion made me feel that he stands for a high level of integrity and trust. Mr. Boyle is someone that can most certainly be counted on for a anyone that needs knowledgeable representation. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing help with current or past legal matters.
Thank you Mr. Boyle!”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired David Boyle for a probation case involving my brother. I hired him because he knew his stuff and he allowed me to speak openly about the case. He gave his honest opinion and didn’t promise more than he could deliver. He also didn’t give false hope he kept it somewhat nuetral but along the way I was informed of every break in his case. He responded promptly even allowed me to call his personal line. Within 24hrs of hiring him my brother was released from jail. He was affordable, reliable, speedy & he went above and beyond. His Secretary was awesome too she was well informed of everything going on with my brothers case I was surprised at how informed she was. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a criminal defense lawyer. I wish he worked on other cases outside of criminal defense. Either way he’s on a fast path to success if he keeps going this route.”

A Satisfied Client

“My grandson got in trouble at school and the punishment was going to be kicked out of school and have to go to alternative school or pay for private school which we can not afford. But with the Mr. Boyle help he is back at school. And without Mr. Boyle help that would not of happen, because the assissant principle was head strung and determined she was not gone have him at school. Thanks to Mr. Boyle he won for us. And I highly recommend Mr. Boyle.

Also a year ago my son used Mr. Boyle to get custody of his daughter and with Mr. Boyle help he now has custody of his daughter. So now when we need a lawyer it will definately be Mr. Boyle.”


“David was fast, kept me well informed, and was on time at my court date. I will be using him again if i ever need a lawyer, and I have recommended him to a few people already.”


“My first time hiring any lawyer in my lifetime, the first thing I felt was trustworthy. He made me feel at ease. He answered all my e-mails, answer all my questions. He always informed me on whats going on with my case, explained in terms I was able to understand. He didn’t make me feel like I was being attack by anyone (ex. District Attorneys). He didn’t judge me. He fought for me every step of the way, and made sure I got the best outcome for my situation. He went up and beyond my expectation.”


“David kept me informed throughout the whole process. He was very helpful with getting me the lowest fines, and punishment for my crime. I am thankful one of my customers introduced me to him. He even helped get me out of a sticky situation, after my original conviction.”

A Satisfied Client

“David and Eric did an excellent job defending me and getting my charge dismissed. They responded quickly and informed/educated me on the legal process I had to expect.”

A Satisfied Client

“I am a little hesitant to admit I have had my fair share of experience with attorneys. Mr. Boyle has by far been the most honest and hardest working attorney I have dealt with. He kept me aware of the entire criminal process without making unrealistic claims that could not be lived up to just to get me to sign up with him. He was a great lawyer and I would use him again.”


“Thanks David, you do excellent work.”

John T.

“Mr. Boyle kept me informed through the entire process of my divorce. He was understanding, knowledgeable, quick to respond to any questions I had through e mail or on the phone, and he did everything he could to ensure my interests were protected. I would recommend David Boyle to anyone who needs reliable legal representation without hassle or delay.”


“I am very pleased that I hired Mr. Boyle. He has been better than good with his quick response and keeping me informed.”


Eric C. Crawford

“Mr. Crawford was highly recommended from a friend. From day one he provided me with comfort. As a mother, you never want your child to do anything that will jeopardize his future. My son had never been involved with the law until one night changed his life. Mr. Crawford was prompt in calling us and providing us with information as well as answering any questions. He had excellent “people skills”! He always responded to emails quickly as well as speaking with us after hours. Mr. Crawford got the case dismissed! I hope we never be in this situation again, but for anyone who unfortunately needs legal support, Eric Crawford is who you want to represent you.”

A Satisfied Client

“When I hired Mr. Crawford it was for early termination of my probation. He talked to me and explained everything to me from where he was going to start and what I would have to do to what would hopefully be the end result. After paying the retainer he started pulling court files and found that my probation had already been terminated and no one had informed me, Mr. Crawford emailed me and told me the great news and refunded me 80% of my retainer when he didn’t have to!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“My son was involved in a traffic stop that could have had severe consequences. He had not used good judgment about some items he had allowed to be present in his car, though none were directly involved with his driving performance or the reason for the traffic stop. I knew I needed good legal representation to help us through this situation, as we were facing charges that could have damaged his future. Once I talked with Eric Crawford, I felt really good about our chances for our defense. Mr. Crawford thoroughly proved that the entire stop was illegally performed and that an over zealous officer had completely over stepped his legal authority in the situation. Our case was completely dismissed and never even went to court. We’re very thankful for Mr. Crawford’s professional expertise as it was on full display in assisting us in our case. I would not hesitate one moment to call upon Crawford and Boyle if I needed legal assistance. I urge you to do the same!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is hands down the best defense lawyer. I put my faith in him to represent me in a case that would eventually make its way to the highest court in the state. Obtaining a reversal and eventual dismissal of my case. When your future is hanging in the balance, Mr. Crawford is someone you want on your side. He and his staff were always professional and ready to answer my questions. I felt Mr. Crawford would fight for me and do whatever was necessary to get the best possible outcome. (and he did!)”

A Satisfied Client

“After my arrest for DUI I was scared of what would happen, and I thought my life as I knew it was over. Once I talked to Eric I started to feel better about the whole situation. Unlike the other lawyers, I consulted Eric gave me a ton of information over the phone. The other lawyers just told me I needed to pay them money before they would tell me anything.Eric had such a relaxed attitude, and at one point told me “look I think I can help you get a good result, but if you feel more comfortable with someone else you should go with them because this is probably one of the most important decisions of your life.”

Well, I went with Eric and it paid off big time. He got the evidence quickly and gave me copies of everything. He filed motions to suppress the evidence and when we had the hearing with the judge, Eric owned the courtroom. Anyone in the courtroom could tell that Eric was so much more on top of the facts and law than the prosecutor or even the judge. At the end of his argument, the judge ruled in our favor and said the evidence was illegal so the DUI was dismissed!!!!

Eric was right because hiring him was one of the most important decisions of my life. I’m glad I made the right decision.”


“Mr. Crawford is a great lawyer. He’s educated and takes his time to learn the details of your case. He’s friendly and helpful and doesn’t leave you hanging, replies back to emails very quickly. I was very impressed with him when we went to court, the way he defended me any judge would take his side. If you’re on the fence and can’t decide which lawyer to go with, I’d say no need to look further. Mr. Crawford is your man. Thx again..!”

A Satisfied Client

“I could not have asked for a better result than what you achieved for my teenage son. We were staring at license suspension, high fines, crazy insurance rates. My case was resolved in less than 40 days and after some well-deserved community service for my son, there will be no record of this high expense charge. While this was a gigantic break for me financially, my son was still painfully aware of what he was facing. A priceless lesson at a low cast. Thank you!!”


“Mr. Crawford researched the details of my case thoroughly, listened to my input, and gave accurate legal counsel focused specifically on my case. He was easy to talk with, insightful, and honest. He and his office personnel responded promptly to both email or phone correspondences. In all legal matters, Mr. Crawford represented me competently and professionally. He continued assisting me until all my issues were resolved!”


“I, unfortunately, had the pleasure of passing through Walton County late one night after working an event in Athens. I pulled up to a DUI check point and since I had no prior knowledge of the best way to respond in a checkpoint, I consented to a breathalyzer and blew a .086. The Walton County Officers high-fived and I went to jail. Fast forward to when I needed to hire a lawyer, I read some great reviews about Mr. Crawford and after striking out with other lawyers due to their costs being so astronomical, I decided to give him a call. He was extremely informative over the phone, making sure that he was extremely clear of my options and the odds of the gamble/politics that I was currently engulfed. He was very attentive to my situations and always responded with sincere kindness and empathy regarding my predicament. Due to my work and family schedule, it was very hard to find a court date that worked. Eric was able to push my court date back approximately 5-6 months in order to find a date that worked for me. Once we were in court together, he worked out a deal with the prosecutor and the best they were willing to give me was a reduction to reckless driving. At first, a few terms were extremely difficult for me to achieve. They wanted me to spend a Saturday doing community service back at the jail and take a DUI course Friday thru Sunday. Almost all of my Friday through Sundays consist of working several jobs 12-15 hours of each day. If I can’t work on a Saturday, it doesn’t go over so well with my employer. Eric was able to speak to the judge and switch my DUI course to a Defensive Driving course which could be taken during the week M-F, was only one day in class instead of three and where the costs were much cheaper than the DUI course. He also was able to get the judge to swap my one day of community service for an additional 8 hours added to my 40-hour community service sentencing. The best news in this debacle is that with me having completed all requirements within the first 5 months of probation, Eric was able to get the judge to terminate my probation after 6 months. Mr. Crawford has been nothing but helpful in my case and has always been extremely quick to respond to my emails. He, like me, is extremely hard to get on the phone with our schedule, but I had full confidence that although we didn’t speak much outside of email, he was always following through with what he promised. Unfortunately, I was not in the best of situations like some of his other clients where the police acted incorrectly and as a result the case was dropped, but Eric did the absolute best he could do within the case and the result was much better than it possibly could have been if I had represented myself out there. Thanks so much Mr. Crawford for taking my case.”


“Mr. Eric Crawford is an upstanding lawyer. When you hire him, you can be sure that he will do all he can to get your case worked out in your favor. This is my second time hiring him and we won both of my cases without a glitch. When the county courts would not drop or reduce my charges, Mr. Crawford took it to the state courts, when they would not drop the charges or reduce them, he took us to a jury trial. The day of the trial I walked out of court with all charges dismissed. Hire this lawyer!!”


“Eric Crawford is top notch attorney very professional and always there for me. I highly recommend him and would use him in all my legal needs.”


“It’s important that you feel like you’re in “good hands” with any legal situation. Eric provides a cool comfort along with an outstanding professionalism.has a lot of prosecution knowledge. Excellent staff, also they help me in other ways also like, findings locations closer to me. Planning with my schedule when possible. Stay out of trouble! Or hire yourself a great attorney. Crawford and Boyle.”


“I was charged with a DUI and Mr. Eric Crawford helped me reduce the charges and keep my record clean. I will definitely recommend and use his services again. He will listen to you and find the best results for your case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Eric C. Crawford is a very great & knowledgeable lawyer! We had a excellent turn out on my DUI case…just a few weeks ago. He got it reduced to reckless driving and just call in to report to P.O. by phone. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great lawyer and all around good guy, especially to have on your side!!!”


“I was going to court for a non-moving traffic violation. It was my second offense in that county. I was looking 12months probation and at losing my Driver’s License. Mr. Crawford not only saved my license but also managed to get me a conditional discharge, so it will fall off my record after my probation is completed. I would recommend him to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“Eric Crawford is all and more than you can ask for in a lawyer. My case needed an immediate response and a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional. Crawford was all of this and more. I had a long list of charges and he was able to get the most serious of them reduced and one of them dismissed completely. Eric Crawford has my highest regard and he comes highly recommended.”


“Mr. Crawford helped me with my DUI case. It got reduced to reckless driving, even though I agreed to do the state breath test. He kept me informed on what was going on with my case the entire time, he responded to my emails right away (even if I sent it on a weekend), and he answered my questions even though the case was over. Overall, he’s a great guy and a great lawyer. I’m glad I hired him.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford did an excellent job in representing me. He always was quick to get back to me and explained everything in good detail as into what was going on with my case. He was very dependable and always kept to his word. He helped save my future.”


“Too bad I even have to write this review. But It is my complete pleasure to explain my situation. One afternoon in April of 2013 I made a terrible mistake and had a drink and decided to get behind the wheel. I lived and worked in Norcross GA. My home is in NE AL and I traveled a lot. Got my bail posted I realized I was going to need representation in court. Mr. Crawford’s office reached out to me and I was able to have all of my questions answered quickly and professionally.Suffice to say even though it took about a year to have our day in court, Mr. Crawford did a wonderful job explaining my logistical problems. And with all this time that had passed many things changed in my life. I lost my job in Georgia and worst of all I was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer. It was debilitating. 35 radiation treatments and 8 weeks of chemo. There was no way I could make it to GA to appear in front of a judge. Mr. Crawford and his professional staff assured me that he would be able to take care of me and my case.

Well, it is finally finished. I got my day in court and I’m finished with my cancer treatments. I have a long fight ahead of me to keep this disease out of my life, but If there was one thing I wish I could say to everyone that has a chance to read this. Eric Crawford is a wonderful attorney and if I had any way to have him as one of my Oncologists I would be eternally grateful.

If you ever need legal representation I highly recommend Mr. Crawford. Professional, ethical, kind, and very reasonable when it comes to fees.”

Chris S.

“First off, I do not live in GA. Although I’ve been there many times and love it, I was only in town for a few days to be in my best buddy’s wedding. Long story short, I ended up being charged with a DUI following the reception. Following my arrival back home here in the NW, I made several phone calls to prospective attorneys and sought recommendations from my friends in Buford. I must have talked to a few dozen lawyers in regards to my case, and although they didn’t all sound like used car salesmen, Eric was by far the most straight forward and seemingly honest one out of all of them. Throughout the entirety of the case, Eric was fantastic and accomplished every goal that we set out. He saved my license from the automatic suspension, had my charge commuted down to a reckless, and helped me avoid being on any type of probation. And best of all, he handled the entire process without my having to return to GA at any time. He really was the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with, which is amazing considering we never actually met face to face. I would highly recommend him to anyone and look forward to paying him a visit to say thanks, next time I’m in town.”


“Eric helped us when our son got into legal trouble while he was away at school. Since this was our first experience with the legal system we relied heavily on Eric to guide us. He answered all of our questions promptly and thoroughly and worked diligently to get us the best possible resolution. We could not have asked for a more professional but personable lawyer. I would definitely recommend Eric.”


“I hired Mr. Crawford as defense attorney for my son’s criminal charges. Eric is a very skilled, competent attorney and he has spent a lot of time on my son’s case . I am extremely pleased with his representation, both in and out of the courtroom. Eric has gone to great lengths and fought hard to assure that my son received the best outcome possible for his situation.Eric is always available to listen and answer my questions and concerns, of which there were many. He returns phone calls and emails promptly, even after business hours. His efforts have enabled my son to gain access to treatment, which I am very grateful. I highly recommend Eric Crawford as a defense attorney.”


“Mr. Crawford is a great attorney. He really knows his stuff and takes the time to study your case with diligence. I was facing 4 charges and 3 were dropped. I could have been on probation for a year, my license suspended and all kinds of other crap. I ended up walking out of court with a $360 fine which I was elated about. Hire this lawyer!”


“Eric was awesome, I asked the judge for a public defender, I had no idea this lawyer would stand up and take my case. I was not working at the time so the judge said go ahead. He trialed my case right then and got my charges dismissed under a conditional discharge, anyways I’m reviewing him because of I’m in trouble with a DUI on methadone. I knew who to go to Crawford and Boyle. I’m confident in hiring them. I really think they do awesome.”


“Eric Crawford was the best lawyer I could have ever hoped for. He worked diligently and effectively on my case from beginning to end, and ultimately my felony possession charge was completely dismissed based on a faulty search warrant that violated my amendment rights. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs an experienced and hard-working attorney on their side.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is a fantastic lawyer. After my arrest, I received countless letters from law firms advertising services. Crawford and Boyle were the only law firm that actually offered me service and gave me detailed information about my charges all in the same letter. All the other letters I received were just propaganda that listed my charges and gave no information about them. After meeting with Mr. Crawford for the first time, I knew he was going to be the lawyer defending my case.Initially, I was charged with DUI, Failure to Yield, Felony Obstruction. For my arraignment, the prosecutor added two more charges: DUI under 21 and Reckless Driving. Now I had five charges. I was worried and believed the worst sentence was going to be applied to my case in court. Mr. Crawford would contact me immediately after he would obtain new information regarding my case. He negotiated with the prosecutor and kept me informed about the negotiations.

My court date was on May 22, 2013; I was arrested on November 23, 2012. Mr. Crawford managed to reduce my five charges to two charges. In the end, I was left with Reckless Driving and Misdemeanor Obstruction. To make it even better, Mr. Crawford even helped me receive First Offender Treatment on my obstruction charge. I now only have Reckless Driving on my record.”


“Mr. Crawford was appointed to defend me by the state of Georgia years ago. He treated me with the utmost respect while gathering the key facts necessary to defend me from the charges levied by the State. In addition to paying great attention to detail he made the time to answer all of my questions in a polite, calm manner, and let me tell you, I had many. I’ve worked with other court appointed lawyers before and the experience was diametrically opposed to what I’ve to say about Mr. Crawford. Through deft legal moves, my case was resolved with the most favorable of outcomes. I had a few questions after the trial about how I’d be affected and he answered all of them. I was done right in spite of the fact I am a Gator fan (heh). If you are in need of legal services Mr. Crawford should be your very next phone call or e-mail (he responds super fast). In the unfortunate event I do find myself in legal trouble I know who I’ll be getting in touch with. Thanks for the read!”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a felony charge that could have gotten me in BIG TIME trouble. Mr. Crawford was a good lawyer, and got my felony turned down to a misdemeanor that could be blotted from my records if I obey my probation., ***Fingers cross*** THANK YOU ERIC CRAWFORD! GOD BLESS YOU, SIR!”


“From the very first time I spoke to Eric Crawford about my case I Knew that he was the man who could get results for me.I was accused, arrested, and imprisoned for over 20 months for a capital offense and two level eight crimes. I was looking at a total of 65 years in jail! Worst of all – I was truly and completely innocent!!!

I wasted over 16 months in jail trusting and dealing with two other lawyers before talking to Eric. A 15 minute conversation with him changed my life. Do not let other lawyers misrepresent you or take advantage of your lack of knowledge or experience of the criminal process. Call and talk to Eric today.

I spent a lot of time talking to Eric about my case. He always dealt with me promptly and with the highest level of respect. I’ve found him to be honest, reliable, straight-forward and a great listener. He has surrounded himself with a great team of professionals and they all work together to get the job done right.

I know exactly what you need if you have criminal charges against you — I know because I was in the worst of situations. I owe my freedom – my life to Eric Crawford and the team of professions associated with Crawford and Boyle.

Call them immediately! These guys are the best!”