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Texting While Driving More Deadly Than Drunk Driving

Samuel Hicks, 28, of Independence, Wisconsin, is accused of killing Robert J. Bursik, a businessman and father, by slamming into the back of Bursik’s car with his semi while driving and looking at a text message. Video footage from the accident shows that Hicks did not look at the road for at least eight seconds before the impact and that his semi traveled at least 770 feet before the impact occurred. The head of the Wisconsin Highway Patrol says that distracted driving kills many people in his state each year. Twenty-year-old Jack Dillon Young admits that he was texting and… Read More

Some Basic Concepts Of Personal Injury Law

It is observed that mishaps and accidents happen in human life. As it is said that to err is human, therefore we cannot expect perfection in this world when actions of human in mind. If you or any of your beloved one has suffered from an accident or injury, and you have decided to take steps towards protecting your legal rights, then you may have a number of general questions in your mind about personal injury claim. What is actually a personal injury case? Those legal disputes that arise when one person suffers damage from an accident or injury and… Read More

Why Should You Seek An Auto Accident Attorney?

Ever get involved in an auto car accident and sustained the injury? In such cases, it is good to seek an attorney who will help to understand the legal rights and options and will advise the victim how to get what he/she own in the personal injury case. In Florida, many law firms treat their clients like a case number than the people who suffered severe injuries. While the insurance companies will come up with complicated and incomplete information. help their clients to understand all the details of the case and guide them through the legal steps they should… Read More

How Service Dogs Help To Treat Anxiety?

Service dogs are actually nature’s most vital partners in the battle against the depression and anxiety. These service dogs are specially trained to do specific tasks when a difficulty is faced. People those who own a service dogs feel better to deal with the everyday life stress and anxieties. Following are the activities that a service dog can do easily: To alert the owner at the time when they are viewing constant signs of an anxiety Serving the owner out of any stressful situation that leads to worst circumstances. Comforting the owner in the daily routine depression and anxiety signs.… Read More

Bicycle Accidents: Who Is At Fault?

In many cases, bicycle accident is caused due to self-inflicted fall. Bicycle accidents happen a lot but bicycle accident suits are not common. If someone else is involved like a motorist, then a bicyclist may not be the one at fault and the bicycle accident claim is necessary. Minor injuries in the bicycle accidents are caused usually due to the individual’s mistake. However, the bicycle accident which involves the automobile will probably result in serious injuries and the accountability falls on a negligent party which could result in the bicycle accident case. It is compulsory for the drivers to take… Read More

Car Accident Injuries

Car accident causes deaths and several serious injuries. People suffer impact injuries in a car crash from banging into the part of the vehicle upon hitting with the object or other vehicle or being colliding by the unsecured cargo that goes in the air in the crash. Tear and cuts injury from torn metal and broken glass are also common injuries in car crashes. In the rollover accidents, the occupant of the car can be ejected from the motor vehicle or injured from all sides or tossed around. Car Evaluations According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rating of… Read More

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents: Common Causes

18-wheelers are considered as a vital component of the U.S economy. Each year, these commercial trucks carry billion of tons of cargo across the nation. Unfortunately, these large trucks on a road can cause serious risks to the safety of other vehicle motorists especially the passengers of the small vehicles and to health as well. In fact, each year, these truck accidents result in as many as 4,000 to 5,000 fatalities in the United States, which include approx. 13,000 individuals who suffer injuries in these truck accidents. Any vehicle motorist who senses driving behavior which is unsafe or unusual from… Read More

What Types Of Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Can Happen?

Birth-related medical malpractice is medical errors caused by negligence that is done during all aspects of a woman’s birth. These errors can be done by the physician, other medical professionals, and even the hospital. When either of these entities does not use reasonable care when treating or caring for a pregnant mother, birth-related injuries can occur. The birth-related medical malpractices that can occur are the following: Birth injuries: When the infant or mother endure injuries during the pregnancy or delivery. Wrongful pregnancy: This refers to a pregnancy still continuing despite the parent’s efforts to avoid becoming pregnant or ending the… Read More

22 Rikers Island Prisoners Sickened By Rat Poison in Meatloaf, Lawyer Says

Courtesy of: Twenty-two Rikers Island inmates in New York City say they ate meatloaf tainted with rat poison, according to their lawyer, who has filed suit against the city, the Department of Corrections and several others. Several inmates at the Ann M. Kross Center, a housing facility on Rikers Island, were on lockdown on March 3 when they were served meatloaf that they said had a blue-green substance in it, according to the complaint filed by attorney Joann Squillace told ABC News on the inmates’ behalf. Soon, they said they began to feel sick, having headaches like nausea, headaches, bloody diarrhea… Read More

French customs officers carry out record cocaine seizure in Caribbean

Courtesy of: French customs officers say they have seized more than 2 tons of cocaine aboard a sailboat that was falsely flying an American flag in the Caribbean. The drugs, whose value is estimated at more than $105 million, are the biggest cocaine seizure ever carried out by French authorities, said Michael Lachaux, director of customs operations in Martinique. Officers arrested one Venezuelan and two Spanish citizens who were on board the vessel off the coast of Martinique on Wednesday, Lachaux said in an interview with the radio station France Info on Saturday. Martinique is an overseas department of France.… Read More