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HB785 - Dentist and Physician Licensure (Effective 7/1/12)

House Bill 785
Dentist and Physician Licensure
Effective date: July 1, 2012

This legislation prohibits using a dentist’s or physician’s participation in any public or private health insurance plan, public health care system, public service initiative, or emergency room coverage as a condition of granting a state license to practice medicine. State licensure requirements for physicians and dentists in this state must be granted based on demonstrated skill and academic competence.

This legislation also declares that the Georgia Composite Medical Board and the Georgia Board of Dentistry are solely responsible for the licensure of physicians and dentists, respectively, in Georgia.

There was apparently some concern that if physicians or dentists opted out of Medicare or Medicaid it could affect their ability to get a license to practice in this state.

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