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If You Steal Your Ex's Ipad, Don't Send Her a Text Thanking Her for It

Chandler police: Man accused of stealing ex-girlfriend’s iPad By Daniel Gaytan

A man was arrested Monday after Chandler police said he stole his ex-girlfriend’s iPad tablet after the two had an argument.

Jonathan Matthew Spriggs, 25, was arrested after police said they believe that Spriggs and his ex-girlfriend argued and she asked him to leave her Chandler residence, in the 500 block of N. Hartford Street.

According to a court document, Spriggs left without further incident. Spriggs later sent her a text message saying their relationship was over and “thanks for the iPad.”

Roommates of the woman told police they saw Spriggs leaving with a cloth bundle approximately the size of an iPad.

Spriggs was contacted by police and he said he would return the iPad to the woman. He told police he did not intend to keep the iPad and was going to return it at a later date.

Spriggs will face a theft charge, police said.

Article courtesy of www.azcentral.com