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SB350 - Disposition of Firearms (Effective upon Governor's Signature)

Senate Bill 350
Disposition of Firearms
Effective date: Became effective upon Governor’s signature

If a forfeited firearm is another person’s property, it must be returned to its innocent owner when it is no longer needed for evidentiary purposes. The innocent owner must bear the costs of retrieving the firearm within six months. If personal property is involved in a crime, abandoned, or seized, and it is used as evidence in a trial, it must be returned to the rightful owner within 30 days following a final judgment of guilt.

Before disposing forfeited or abandoned firearms it has acquired, but no longer needs, the political agency or state custodial agency must use best efforts to determine if the firearm was lost or stolen from an innocent owner. If it was, the agency must return the firearm to the owner. The disposal procedure for forfeited and abandoned firearms by municipal corporations and state custodial agencies or political subdivisions is outlined in the bill, and agencies must keep records of the firearms acquired, firearms disposed, the proceeds of sale, and disbursement of proceeds.

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