What Should I Do If The Police Are At My Door?

There are instances when it is particularly inappropriate to speak to the police. The police might knock on your door because something happened across the street or because there was a 911 hang-up call and you don’t know that your kid dialed 911 and hung up. Even in a situation where you may have been doing something illegal before the police arrived, you don’t have to let the police in. You don’t have to talk to the police. If they say that they want to talk to you, you can politely decline. There are very few exceptions where they can enter your house without your permission. They are going to either need a warrant or an emergency situation. If somebody is screaming inside your house and the police can hear that they are being held against their will, they can force their way into your house. If they are simply knocking on the door, looking to advance their investigation, it’s best to just decline them. Don’t give them consent to come inside the door and just turn them away.

What Should I Do If The Police Have Asked Me To Come Down To The Station?

If the police want you to come to the police department, they are looking at you as being involved in a crime. They want you on their turf, in their interrogation room, so they can either video or audio tape you and give the impression that you don’t have the ability to leave. You need to talk to a lawyer, so they can advise you. It’s always best for the attorney to make contact with the detective and figure out the situation. Will talking to the police can help you in any way? If not, it’s best to just not talk to them.

Either they have enough evidence to arrest you or they don’t. If they don’t have enough evidence to arrest you, they want you to come down to admit to the commission of a crime and help their case. If they already have enough evidence to arrest you, they are looking to make an even more solid case and then they will arrest you at the conclusion of any interview. Either one of those ends with you going to jail, so there is nothing to gain by going there and speaking with them. Police will understand that if you get a lawyer. An attorney can often also arrange for you to turn yourself in at a convenient time if the police do produce a warrant for your arrest.

When Are You Actually Required To Show Proof Of ID To Law Enforcement?

The only time, in Georgia, when you are required to show identification is if you are the driver of a vehicle that is pulled over on the road. In that case, there is a Georgia law that requires you to have your license on display. You definitely do have to provide your driver’s license to the officer who is stopping you. In every other instance, you are not required to provide proof of your identification. If asked, you can provide them your name and date of birth, and they will be able to verify who you are by running it through the computer. There is not a legal obligation to show your ID. As long as you are truthful, you are not obstructing their investigation.

Can Police Order Me Out Of My Car After Pulling Me Over?

In any traffic encounter, the police have the ability to order the driver out of the motor vehicle. They can have a reason or they can have no reason, it does not matter. The law allows them to do that.

What Rights Does A Passenger Have In A Motor Vehicle Stop?

Police have the ability to order passengers out of the motor vehicle and you certainly want to abide by that. They can ask you for identification, but you are under no obligation to actually provide your identification; in fact, you’re not required to say anything to the officer. Don’t provide the police with someone else’s name or date of birth because that is a crime, but remember that you are not under a legal obligation to actually provide them anything. You do have to obey their commands, in terms of getting out of the car, and you can’t leave the traffic encounter until the stop is completed.

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