How Do People Unintentionally Harm Their DUI Case?

There are three common ways in which people can unintentionally harm their DUI case. The first is by discussing their case with others. When people discuss their case publicly, whether it is on social media or on phone calls made from jail, prosecutors often find ways to use what they say against them. It’s best not to speak to anyone except your attorney about the substance of new allegations. The second way is by getting arrested again, prior to going to court. If a person is going to court on a DUI, they certainly don’t want to have a second DUI or another charge in the interim before they get to court. This can not only damage the first case but could put you back in jail if the prosecutor files to revoke your bond. The last way is by not hiring an attorney right away. We need to start working immediately to try and mitigate the damage and start building a defense. The prosecutors are working on the case from the beginning, and we don’t want to be at a disadvantage when the court date rolls around.

How Do You Advise Clients That Want To Plead Guilty To A DUI?

We understand that people get stressed out over these kinds of charges. The longer a charge is pending, the more stress it causes. People just want to move on and be done with it, but doing so can often be very detrimental. They could be missing out on a reduction of the charge. In order to look at what the prosecutor can prove, we have to look at the case. If there is something like a Fourth Amendment violation or some other type of police procedural violation, then that can lead to a reduction or a dismissal of charges. While pleading to a DUI may sound small at the outset, it’s like a rolling stone that gathers momentum as it goes downhill, creating more and more problems for you as it goes. In Georgia, a DUI can stay on a record for life, cause problems with employment and increase the cost of auto insurance. If a charge can be reduced, the consequences will be much less severe. Most people don’t understand that time is a defendant’s friend on a criminal or traffic case. The older the case gets, the harder it is to prosecute. That is because cops forget what they did and witnesses move. In most cases, the longer a defendant can wait it out, the more helpful it will be.

Are There Any Diversion Programs Available To DUI Offenders In Georgia?

There is not a pre-trial diversion program per se for DUI cases. That’s generally prohibited by law unless there is a real problem with the case where they reduce it down to something else and divert it. However, there are certain provisions that assist first-offenders. Georgia’s DUI law specifically contemplates offering weekend jail-time, ankle monitoring and other options that would not affect someone’s employment. Most of the requirements for the DUI are set by statute, so the courts don’t have a lot of discretion; they just have to impose what’s required. As of July 1st, 2017, a new law was established in Georgia which allows a person to get an ignition interlock device if they refused to take a breath or blood test. This prevents a person from having their license suspended for a year, which is what was previously done under the statute. There are some programs available, but Georgia is pretty harsh on first-time DUI offenders.

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