How Can I Find a Friend or Family Member After an Arrest?

How Can I Find a Friend or Family Member After an Arrest?

If your friend or a family member has been arrested, they will eventually end up in the county jail of the county in which they were arrested. If they have been arrested for a new offense in the county, then they might make a stop at the police station, but they will end up in the county jail within a couple of hours of being arrested. If they are arrested on an outstanding warrant from a different county or state, then they will usually be booked in the county of arrest and then transferred to the county where the warrant is pending. That transfer process can sometimes be done within hours of the initial arrest, and sometimes it takes days or weeks depending upon the distance and the availability of the deputy sheriff to transfer people. Another way to find out where your friend or the family member has been taken is to simply ask the arresting officer.

How Can I Find A Qualified Attorney For A Friend Or A Family Member Immediately?

There are a couple of ways to find a qualified attorney, one of which is by asking family or friends for recommendations. You can also search for attorneys on AVVO, Google or Yelp and check their client reviews. One method involves looking up attorneys in the jurisdiction where the person was arrested, calling them and asking them to name the top three criminal defense or DUI defense attorneys in the jurisdiction. Once you speak to a couple of them, you should notice that one attorney’s name is consistently mentioned. People who work in courthouses or probation officers are also good sources of information on where to hire the best attorney.

Can An Attorney Get My Friend Or Family Member Out Of Jail Right Away?

It is possible that an attorney could get your friend or family member out of jail right away. However, not many attorneys are able to do so within the first 24 hours because the person will already have a bond set at the jail. So, if you get arrested on a DUI and have a $5,000 bond set, then that will automatically go into place. At that point, it would just be a matter of finding a bondsman to post that bond or bringing the information up so that a property or a cash bond could be used. If the bond is denied or not set right away, then an attorney may be able to speak with the DA or judge and facilitate getting a bond.

We Hired An Attorney And Now My Friend Or Family Member Is Out Of Jail And Wants To Find A Better One On His Own. Can He Still Hire Your Firm?

If your friend or family member is out of jail and wants to find a better attorney than the one they currently have, they can hire my firm. If anyone does not like their attorney, then they can fire them and hire someone else. It’s important for a person to find an attorney with whom they comfortable and who responds to their problems accordingly. No one should hire an attorney who simply tells them what they want to hear, such as a guarantee that they will get a certain result. An attorney cannot bind the prosecutor’s hands or the judge’s hands; any attorney who makes those promises is lying. We will take the information that is given to us and explain what we expect to occur based on our prior experience with the judges and DAs, but we cannot make it happen and we cannot guarantee anything. If a person is trying to switch attorneys, it’s important that they try to do so sooner rather than later in order to avoid upsetting the judges or causing other problems in the natural flow of the case, such as foreclosing the use of certain defenses because notice was not filed within certain time limits set by law.

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